There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization including:

Professional Networking

Entertaining Social Events

Community Development

Morehouse College Spirit


How Can You Join?

To join we need a completed application and membership dues for the first year. Please complete our online membership application form. After completing your membership form you may mail your payment to the chapter or pay your dues on-line using the PayPal links provided. 

Annual Dues are $25 for regular members and $100 for a sustaining member. (July - June Calendar Year) Sustaining membership dues assist with the administrative cost of supporting the chapter, i.e., post cards, postage, printing cost, and website/e-mail maintenance.  We try to keep dues low so that they are within the reasonable reach of all Brothers.  In this connection, the annual $25 dues have been at that level longer than I can remember.  In addition, membership dues are discounted the first five years after graduation and Brothers don't begin paying the $25 until their sixth year after graduation.  In addition, the Chapter in 2000 embraced a policy adopted by the National Alumni Association and exempted Morehouse graduates from dues during the first year after graduation. To meet ever increasing operating expenses such as website costs, costs of stationery, printing and copying costs and postage, my predecessor, Robbie Dix, asked some Brothers if they would be willing to pay a bit extra to meet the higher cost of operating.  Robbie called these dues sustaining membership dues and set them at $100 annually.  The sustaining membership dues caught on and Brothers continue to see these dues as way to do something extra for the Chapter so that most of our revenue gained through fundraising can go directly to Morehouse College.  Indeed, in most years more Brothers pay sustaining dues than those who pay regular $25 regular dues.

You may send your dues payment to the following: 

Morehouse College Alumni Association DC Chapter (MCAADC) Post Office Box 44506 - Fort Washington, Maryland 20749

Or you may bring your dues to any monthly meeting. Any questions or comments please e-mail - Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply via e-mail.

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Yearly Sustaining Membership Dues
Yearly Membership Dues
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